• Eddie Taylor HOF Ceremony

    Eddie Taylor, the Knoxville Bear, was inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame today at a special event in his honor at Sidepocket Billiards in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hosts Brett and Debbie Sempter pulled out all the stops to make sure Eddie and the crowd had a great time. Grady Mathews acted as Master of […]

  • Rack ’em up with Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna

    Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna, Chicago’s grizzled sage of One Pocket and Bank Pool, recently agreed to be interviewed by A long-time action veteran, Freddy’s keen insight into the game, as well as his knack for story-telling, has made him one of Accu-Stats Video’s most popular guest commentators. He is just finishing a book entitled, […]

  • Sonny Springer Interview

    For years one of the South’s best kept secrets at One Pocket, Sonny Springer was known for betting high back when ten dollars was equal to more like fifty today. To paraphrase Professor RH Gilmer, a lot of people would say they were looking for Sonny, but they didn’t really want to find him, because […]

  • Johnny Ervolino

    One Pocket and Straight Pool legend Johnny Ervolino died February 19, 2005, following complications due to heart problems. He was 69 years old. Johnny made his last major tournament appearance at the US Open One Pocket event last November in Las Vegas, where the following photos were taken. A New York City native, Eugene ‘Johnny’ […]

  • 2005 Derby City Classic

    The Derby City Classic is an annual pocket billiard convention held every January at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana casino in Elizabeth, Indiana near Louisville, Kentucky. It is eight days long and offers various disciplines of pocket billiard competitions for pool players of all caliber. It is often referred to as the DCC.

  • 2005 One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

    Congratulations to our new Hall of Fame inductees! The first ever One Pocket Hall of Fame banquet featured six of the recently elected members of the One Pocket Hall of Fame gathered together to receive their plaques and share their stories. The event filled the room to overflowing as one after another great player entertained […]

  • 2004 Gulf Coast Classic

    Taken from Grady’s post on the forums: This was the best tournament I have ever produced, for various reasons, not the least of which was the wonderful volunteer help. Rick Lowell, James Brown and Travis Dennis worked long hours and did much to enhance the workings of a difficult event, what with no less […]

  • Grady ‘Professor’ Mathews HOF Ceremony

    The first inductee into the One Pocket Hall of Fame! is pleased to announce that Grady ‘Professor’ Mathews is the first inductee into the One Pocket Hall of Fame. This presentation took place appropriately, at the recently held Gulf Coast Classic event, the latest of many events featuring the game of One Pocket that […]

  • Norm ‘The Farmer’ Webber Interview

    While known more for his trick shot exhibitions than for his One Pocket game, Norm spent eight years plying the tables at Cochran’s in San Francisco from 1955 to 1963 — just as One Pocket was coming out of the shadows and into the public eye under the bright lights of the Johnston City tournaments. […]

  • Danny Di Liberto Interview

    For years one of pool’s top all-around players, Danny is one of the few original Johnston City champions still active in the game, although his main gig lately has been his commentary work for Accu-stats. Danny is just putting the wrap on a major book project in collaboration with writer Jerry Forsyth, which will be […]

  • Ronnie Allen Interview

    Often cited as one of the greatest One Pocket players of all time, Ronnie is a natural for our One Pocket Hall of Fame, with enough all-around success to be a strong candidate for the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame as well.

  • Keeping A Good Game Down

    One-pocket is one of the most acquired of tastes. An intense, cerebral contest, it is closer in spirit to chess than to pool. When watched and appreciated by knowledgeable fans, it is one of the most exciting and satisfying of cue games. Unfortunately, most spectators get fed up and leave when no one sinks a […]