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  • Rack ’em up with the late Al ‘NY Blackie’ Bonife

    This interview took place back on May 5th, 2005, when Blackie was living in Florida. I had always hoped to follow up with Blackie, but that didn’t happen, and unfortunately he died August 15, 2007. Al Bonife, better known as ‘NY Blackie‘, was a real straight shooter and an astute game maker. He was a […]

  • Fundraising Raffle for Bugs

    Bugs Rucker enjoys his One Pocket Hall of Fame induction in January 2005, along with fellow inductees Grady Mathews and Efren Reyes has kicked off a fundraising effort to help out Banks and One Pocket Hall of Fame legend Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker. Bugs is suffering from the advancement of diabetes, and just this week […]

  • George Rood

    George Rood, the legendary pool player who nearly bridged the 20th Century pool scene, died peacefully early in the morning of October 10 at the Widow’s Home in Dayton Ohio. George had been under the special care of Hospice of Dayton for his last days, but he had enjoyed visits from a number of his […]

  • The Jansco Brothers

    Pool had suffered a major decline during the 50’s culture of wholesome family idealism and in 1961 tournaments were virtually non-existent. Yet this was also the year that the blockbuster movie, The Hustler, was released. And it just so happened that one of the era’s biggest (and most vocal) pool hustlers lived near the small […]

  • Billy Incardona

    Pittsburgh Billy Incardona has been a solid One Pocket player and after hours legend for many years now. In fact, he’s still mixing it up against a whole new generation of players today. Of course, as the ‘voice of Accustats’, he has helped educate thousands of players in our favorite game. Recently Billy has also […]

  • Jimmy Fusco

    Known as ‘The Philadelphia Flash’, Jimmy Fusco has matured into one of the patriarchs of Philadelphia’s legendary One Pocket scene. For years a top tournament player and action veteran, Jimmy is one of the very few living Johnston City winners. He was the One Pocket champion in the 1972 Johnston City tournament that was interrupted […]

  • Donny Anderson

    Donny Anderson congratulated by fellow Bank Pool Hall of Fame inductees Truman Hogue and Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna Diana Hoppe photo Born June 9th, 1929, as a youngster Donny Anderson picked up an interest in Bank Pool from his father, who was a “halfway decent player” himself, according to Donny. At that time there just happened […]

  • Rack ’em up with Donny ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ Anderson

    Born June 9th, 1929, as a youngster Don Anderson developed into a strong pool player along with two other local kids from Cincinnati: Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz and the late Joey Spaeth. While Clem turned his attention to One Pocket, and Joey became one of the all-around stars of Johnston City, Bank was always Donny’s game […]

  • Rack ’em up with George ‘The Trapper’ Rood

    George Rood is a good inspiration to 9-Ball players of all ages, that it’s never too late to take up the game of One Pocket. George started as a 9-Ball and Straight Pool player and didn’t seriously take up One Pocket until he was about 75 years old! George was honored at our 2007 Derby […]